I’m With You

  • Hair: [BURLEY] Carlo Blacks – By: Bella Earst.
  • Shirt: AITUI – Decollete [Sea Fizz, Anchors] – By: Jesseaitui Petion.
  • Pants: AITUI – Suspension Jeans [War Black] – By: Flyingcrow Resident.
  • Necklace: [NSD] The Rosary/black pearl – By: Naith Smit.
  • Glasses: [[SHADE THRONE]] THEWOWsunglasses(black3) – By: Undo Hermano.
  • Cigarrette: {Elygo} Cigarette Classic – By: Mari0 Capalini.
  • Layer1:VCD ExpressYourself FacialHair4XPYBROWN – By: Lulu Jameson (NEW!!)
  • Layer2:VCD ExpressYourself FacialHair6XPYBROWN – By: Lulu Jameson (NEW!!)
  • Bag: AITUI – Eco Shopping Bag – By: Jesseaitui Petion.
  • Tattoo:Coffin Tattoo Neck on marketplace – By: Nestag itano.
  • Shoes: Rawdolls  Pitchbull Hi-cake – By: Lindal Janus.
  • Poses: STAKEY – By: Raymond Ohmai.

Ty pinyacolada ❤


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