On Aracuan: 

  • Boots: Maitreya Gold * Shearling Boots Bistre.
  • Skin: [ Al Vulo! ]  [ Livia ].
  • Piercing: :: Knock! :: RAVEN :: Piercing.
  • Sweater: Sweater: Eaters Coma –  Sweater With Collar / White.
  • Pants: {.essences.} Obliviate Jeans – N. America.
  • Belt: *chronokit*  Belt 02 Black .
  • Clock: *chronokit* watch no.36 Dio Gold.
  • Bag: ::LC:: My Mom’s Bag [Nior].

On Nestag:

  • Skin: Fruk Lennon Skin The Hollywoodian black T2 – By: Chucky Hollak. (NEW!!)
  • Hair: [CheerNo] mesh hair Alfredo – By: Cheerno Destiny. (NEW!!)
  • Ears: AITUI Stretched Ear Solid Plug 1″ – By: Jesseaitui Petion. (NEW!!)
  • Jacket: {.essences.} Aztec Jacket (A) XS (TMD 7#) (NEW!!)
  • Pants: [Sheep Door] Painter Pants (Mesh) Black (TMD 7#) (NEW!!)
  • Tattoo: Vestigium – Indian Tribes Tattoo (TMD 7#) (NEW!!)
  • Hands: [CheerNo] relaxed mesh hands – By: Cheerno Destiny. (NEW!!)
  • Shoes: [ JP ]:dsg. Sneaker Senesy Multicolor MESH – By: Jasper Potez. (NEW!!)

PD: other post with amazing blog n’ blogguer HERE



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