On Aracuan: 

  • Hair:  [BURLEY]_Sirah_II_Reds
  • Skin: <MARIKO> SULLI_M10
  • Shirt: [Pumpkin] PlaidShirt White- By: Yukio Osei. (NEW!!)
  • Pants: {mon tissu} Shorts – Greta – Original
  • Boots: Chi Seid – Flat Ankle Boots  khaos – Black
  • Bangles: MiWardrobe – Ancient Relic Bangle – Right & Left – Group Gift-B

On Nestag:

  • Skin: Fruk Lennon Skin The Hollywoodian black T2 – By: Chucky Hollak. (NEW!!)
  • Hair: [CheerNo] MESHair Rich 3.4 – By: Cheerno Destiny. (NEW!!)
  • Ears: AITUI Stretched Ear Solid Plug 1″ – By: Jesseaitui Petion. (NEW!!)
  • Shirt:[Pumpkin]PlaidShirt Yellow – By: Yukio Osei. (NEW!!)
  • Pants: CREDO ChinoPants Black – By: Levi Megadon. (NEW!!)
  • Shades: BALACLAVA!! Kip Glasses (TMD 8#) – By: Uriah. (NEW!!)
  • Shoes: NOTsoBAD. MAEL sneakers  – By: Reda Bertolucci. (NEW!!)
  • Pose: Exposeur Even Though (TMD 8#) – By: RubyStarlight Writer. (NEW!!)

PD: other post with amazing blog n’ blogguer HERE


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