Carry On Tradition


  • Skin: .Birdy. Damon skin Porcelaine (Brown) (TMD) – By: Nina Heliz. (NEW!!)
  • Ears: AITUI Stretched Ear Tunnel Hybrid 2″ – By: Jesseaitui Petion.
  • Hands: [CheerNo] Hands V3 #4 – By: Cheerno Destiny. (NEW!!)
  • Beard: [CheerNo] Body.Facial Hair F #1 – By: Cheerno Destiny. (NEW!!)
  • Hat: RO – Paragons Cap Kremlin Grey (TMD) – By: Axsisthorn. (NEW!!)
  • Tattoo: [Ner .Ink] Tattoo Hard To Kill (TMD) – By: Nerick. (NEW!!)
  • Necklace: ieQED (TMD) – By: SigiFaust. (NEW!!)
  • Bag: =Zenith= Rammus Leather Black (TMD) – By: Miffyhoi Rosca. (NEW!!)
  • Shirt: ::GB:: Shirt and cardigan (Gray&white) (TMD) – By: Takuya Jinn. (NEW!!)
  • Pants: [Pumpkin] Patched skinnies grey – By: Yukio Osei. (NEW!!)
  • Socks: Izzie’s – Garter Socks dark grey – By: Izzie Button.
  • Frames: PILOT from Collabor88 – By: Kaz Nayar. (NEW!!)
  • Chair & Ashtray: +ILO+ Modular lounge (TMD) – By: Zozo Raven. (NEW!!)
  • Pose: Grafica Poses Stance 010 – By: Alyx Aerallo. (NEW!!)

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